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Rabat Adidas ZX Flux-sko Grå Originals / Mænd Sko vojd686t1wls

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog lrdag 13 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Disse sko til mænd er stylet med inspiration fra den ikoniske løbesko fra midtfirserne, ZX. De har en ZX 8000-ydersål med et smart, vævet ydre, tonede snørebånd og formstøbt hlrum.
So i went to Adidas Originals yesterday with my friend and decided to purchase the black zx flux in a size 6. I normally go half a size up due to comfort. However there being none, i tried the size 7. Slides of my foot. Stuck with size 6 but overall it is very stylish, comfortable and a shoe that can be worn with anything. Adidas, please make half sizes, this is the only reason why i wrote 4/5, because it does feel tight, but something i can bear for a little while. I hope they stretch just like a guy said. I know these are unisex, but people like me with feet that have half sizes will suffer, plus if this was to happen i would buy all of them!!! February 17, 2015
I bought my ZX Fluxes only 4 months ago and within the first few months I started getting holes where the big toe is in the shoe. I use them 4-5 times a week for walking/going to the gym, but I don't do any extreme vigorous exercise which would cause holes to appear.I also recently saw a lady on the train with exactly the same shoes and she also had holes in each of her shoes where the big toe was. I think the mesh material is quite flimsy and weak and wears easily. I wouldn't recommend this shoe if you're looking to wear it often. Other than that though, it's a comfortable and stylish shoe, and can be worn both to the gym and casually. October 18, 2015
I bought the ZX flux weave shoes in the blue color and, after 2 weeks of owning them and under 7 uses, the material is already starting to fray, with threads popping out all over the top. The rubber on the soles is also starting to look very worn and compressed. I just cut the frayed threads down and they look fine now, but something tells me this isn't the last time I'll be encountering this issue. I've done no intense physical activities in these. I probably haven't even walked 10 miles in them. I'm giving them 2 stars because they looked great the first couple times I wore them, but honestly, just save your money for a different pair of shoes. June 30, 2015
First impressions upon opening the box were that these were very stylish and very well made (my girlfriend is already looking at them online!). The quality is obvious when you first pick them up.This impression is heightened when you put them on. The upper fits around your foot comfortably whilst the base and sole provide stability and comfort.I have an unusual walk and i tend to walk on the outside of my feet (like a duck as my girlfriend puts it) and these trainers able to accommodate my unusual gate no problem.I will be ordering another pair in the future, probably as a custom design. August 12, 2015
I feel weird giving this 4 stars cuz I've never actually worn the shoe. I just put 4 given from other people's reviews. I was really just wondering if anyone can answer my question. I'm a really big dude. 6'3 250ib and my feet are huge. I have very wide feet and that's why I'm afraid of buying these shoes. In shoes like the lebron soldiers I'm a 14. I'm afraid that if I get a 14 in these shoes they will either be to narrow, or they won't be to narrow but my foot will be too wide for the sides of the shoe and it won't look nice or fit nice for that matter. I'd really appreciate if someone would be kind enough to let me know if I should still buy these shoes given my wide feet. And if I should, what size?-thank you April 15, 2015
Actually I purchased 3 pairs of different colors at the same time before I purchased the navy blue. Only reason I didn't purchase the navy blue at that time was beasue Foot Action was sold out of my size. I love all 4 pairs!!!!I recently received the email customizing; definitely figured out some different color schemes that I'm interested in. Only thing is I'm od school and am not a big fan of payinng more than $100 for sneakers. If you guys can knock that price down for a long time adidas fan such as myself, I will buy 4 more pairs in the color schemes I made up.Thanks July 16, 2014
I bought these shoes as a general purpose trainer for informal occasions. The look and feel is spot on for this.When I first put them on I thought that the arch support on the left shoe was a bit prominent. I then went on as walk around a park and after about 5 or 6k they are now really comfortable. So if you feel the same then try a long-ish walk in them and then see how they are you probably won't be disappointed. Ps I am not saying they are suitable for going up a mountain in. But walking round a park with mainly tarmaced paths they are fine!! May 5, 2015
One of my favourite purchases! Being not much of a sneaker head, I don't buy trainers on the regular. So when it came down to buying a new pair of trainers, I found myself stuck, until I stumbled across these bad boys. At first I was very hesitant to even look at these trainers, considering the price and what not. But after long consideration, I went ahead and purchased them. And what can I say? Just perfect. Great for those tough gym sessions where moving around in the wrong footwear can affect your workout. Highly recommended. October 3, 2015
I've barely removed then from my feet since purchase. I can't describe quite how comfortable they are. You find yourself in one of two scenarios: You either feel as if you aren't wearing shoes, or you feel as if your feet are being cuddled by clouds. I didn't realise that it was possible to wear a shoe that makes your foot feel liter than it did before.If I was to have one negative it is that the material would be easily scuffed if the shoes were abused at all. I don't think this would ever be a problem if looked after however. June 1, 2015
I purchased the all white fluxs around 2 days ago, incredibly comfortable, love the material, feet don't get horrible and sweatywhwhilst jogging which is always a bonus, I do have 1 down side though, they get dirt very easily, I know they're white trainers but that is my only point and not 100% on how to clean them can they go in the washing machine on a low heat I don't know, but overall a great pair of kicks, real head turner, will definitely be purchasing another pair, try a few colour schemes, the whites go with basically anything! June 29, 2015

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