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Ny Ankomst Adidas Los Angeles sko Sort Originals / Kvinder Sko lryz231f2gzj

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog torsdag 18 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Los Angeles' stjernebelagte, sporty gadestil har givet inspiration til denne sko til mænd. Sneakeren har samme ikoniske designlinjer som LA Trainer skoen samt en moderne overdel i tekstil med rene flatlock-sømme.
I ordered the custom version of these in what Adidas called "cargo khaki". It's not. It is a very shiny gold color. Embarrassingly shiny. Shiny enough a friend called me Michael Johnson. Every time I take them off, the insoles stick to my socks and come halfway out of the shoe. The tounges have no coushening, it's just a flat piece of fabric, so every time I put the them on, the tounges get bunched up and I have to dig around with my fingers to flatten them out. Hands down the worst sneakers I've ever purchased. I would return them if I could. September 12, 2015
Dude. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes, but they SQUEAK everywhere I go. It's annoying and embarrassing, but I love the shoes enough to wear them everyday. I'm probably going to get another pair because I've worn through them so quickly.Would recommend if you can deal with some confused glances at your awesome shoes... I don't mind sounding like those squeaky kids. September 11, 2015
I got these trainers first in black for me and they are superb !! So I thought I'd get these new design blue Los Angeles for my girlfriend and she loves them and so does everybody else best fitting and looking trainer I've seen on a women in a long time well recommended, men get the flat ones and women get the ribbed waved sole ones totally COOL!! . October 1, 2015
They are a great pair of trainers, a slimline type shoe but exactly what i prefer, not clunky.They look really great with jeans.I like the design and the comfort, the Continental branded sole is i have noticed quite grippy - gives you a sense of feeling 'planted' almost like good quality tyres on a car. All in all superb! September 15, 2015
The material on the bottom of this shoe is great for traction, but if you walk on a smooth surface they squeak. Really annoying. Every time I walk through the office people stare.Can't tell from the picture, but the top is fabric like. They also don't have that high arch that I love about adidas. August 7, 2015
Coming from a designer, I found this shoe to be everything I wanted. It is minimal in design, has a delightful blue shade and complements any outfit. Furthermore, the fit and comfort is top notch. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone for its comfort, and design aesthetic. September 18, 2015
Got these shoes a month ago.Probably the best sneaker i have ever purchased!adidas still makes the best sneakers! November 6, 2015
I've had a couple foot surgeries that has made it so most shoes hurt my foot after about a hour. I bought a pair of LA Trainer's that are pretty comfortable so I decided to try these and they're even better! Thanks! August 18, 2015
Good fit and also great traction for running or just walking but stil a bit slight slip from sudden transition from dry to wet surface or vice versa but overall grea grip. October 16, 2015
fitting is absolutely perfect. when I first put them on I thought that it would take time to break in them but I was wrong you do not need to break in them. October 17, 2015

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