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Mode Adidas Terrex Fast X GTX Grå Udendørs / Mænd Sko vhbh061k1kgx

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog mandag 15 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Denne Terrex Fast X GTX er en let, lav sko, der er ideel til hurtige og krævende vandreture. Den har syntetisk overlæder, der giver støtte, samt vandtæt og åndbart GORE-TEX®-for, der sikrer, at fødderne er tørre og beskyttede under alle slags forhold. Continental™ Rubber-ydersålen giver ekstraordinært godt greb på glatte overflader.
After wearing these around for an afternoon, I really struggle to see how these ever got past the concept phase. They're supposed to be a hiking shoe, but the sole is probably about an inch thick of rubber, so you lose any feel of the contour of the surface you are walking on. This also puts your ankles at a higher center of gravity, which might not be a huge deal, however there is no ankle support in these shoes. This is a bad combo, rolled my ankle. I know they aren't boots, but the way they lace up isn't sufficient, it constantly feels like you are going to walk out of the shoe. They are awkward, clunky, and very narrow, making them uncomfortable.Unfortunately it was muddy when i went out hiking, so i'm stuck with these $130 abominations. September 11, 2015
This is my third pair of the Terrex shoes - probably my favorite running shoe - I've been running for 30 years. The 455 had the speed lacing, which I prefer, and an second loop on the tongue, which I liked. I have a pair of Faster-R, good shoe, but not the same. The 475s are built like a tank and great for road running and trail running. Who cares about weight. I'm looking for a running shoe that enables me to be unstoppable in any environment, and for that you need a shoe that designed for battle. July 10, 2015
When I put these shoes on they defined comfort, 9-1/2 shoe was a great fit, truly an ugly neon trim but it got me into these high quality shoes at a good price, if it really gets to me I will take a waterproof black Sharpie to the neon. I had a new ankle installed two years ago so I don't do any real heavy duty hiking on the none load bearing ankle but I pound the Mississippi levee with my two dogs. I'm in the wet grass so I really test the shoe GTX feature which holds up well. What I like a lot about Adidas is the back up warranty which is real and a wonderful customer experience, this I have used twice because of the sole separating from the upper shoe. What can I say with these Terrex Fast X GTX Shoes and two other Adidas boot and a trail shoe I am sold on Adidas and the Continental sole which gives close to unlimited mileage. September 1, 2015
After 2 weeks with these trainers I cannot really fault them. They've done the job I've asked and purchased them for.The build materials are really strong and rugged that they feel they won't wear out anytime soon. It has good grip on the soles so you won't slip (unintentionally), and also the trainer's are waterproof so you won't get wet feet which is also a bonus. August 14, 2015
I was looking for a walking boot and had decided on the Soloman GTX but when I got to the shop I saw the Terrex and was sold. I choose the Terrex FAST X GTX Boots and they are the best boots/trainers Ive ever had. Great product and well worth the money. August 31, 2015
These shoes didn't take any walking in , they fit like a dream and are comfortable , warm and waterproof. I have walked on and off road and they are great. Highly recommend. October 26, 2015
good shoe/trainer works in all terain, not slippy at all. does what it says grip mania August 29, 2015
Good trainer, vortex waterproof, a little bulky, still breaking them in, looks like they are a very good purchase November 3, 2015
These are the fifth pair of Terrex GTX I've had and would definitely recommend them as they've served me well for over 10 years now. August 4, 2015
simple,,excellent April 1, 2015

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