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Køb Salg Adidas Superstar sko Hvid Originals / Mænd Sko kuxg218o5shj

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog tirsdag 16 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Denne 70'er-sneaker blev designet som en basketballsko, der kunne dominere på banen. Det varede ikke længe, før der gik skater- og street style i den (for ikke at nævne dens popularitet på hiphop-scenen). Denne herresko har bevaret det klassiske look med en beklædt læderoverdel. Den har alle de autentiske detaljer, herunder zigzag-kantning på de 3 striber og signaturskaltåen i gummi.
Been a loyal adidas fan since I was in 10 years old (25 now), over that span I've owned 4 pairs of Superstars, one of which being the original Superstar I's, (now defunct. why is that?). Bought another pair and I guess they rebranded the 2's as "Superstar Foundations." They fit a bit bigger than my last pair, the laces ARE thinner, and where are the lace locks?! adidas, WHY do you keep on trying to reinvent the circle? Why mess with the classics? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the SUPERSTAR 2's didn't even need any repair, nor did the 1's! Please bring back the ORIGINAL 1's, the 2's, and the 2G's. Keep your Originals original! August 13, 2015
I noticed that only Adidas superstar white with black stripes that made in Indonesia have a consistent quality and good fit. Those white superstar foundation shoes ( made in vietnam) that I ordered have to return immediately as soon as I open the box. I'm not try to being too picky but since it's in white that it so easy to notice the shoe lace is wider than normal superstar shoes lace, the sole is a bit greyish compare to the upper leather, the linen is absolutely cheap quality it also greyish with rough surface and thin that made my foot discomfort when I tried it on. So I'm not recommended this to anyone November 4, 2015
I bought a pair of these in February, & I've hardly taken them off since. They've become my "thing" among my friends. I purchased the classic white & black, & despite the gold details, they go great with everything. They were extremely comfortable from the first time I put them on. They didn't require any breaking in. The fit was great, other than that I had to lace up the very top hole & I have to retie them throughout the day to keep my heel from slipping out when I walk. This is probably because I wear a women's 8.5/9 & this is a men's shoe, however. They breathe well & my feet don't get too hot wearing them. Really comfortable to walk around in all day. I'm looking forward to buying more in the future! June 5, 2015
I'm a woman's 8 1/2 usually so I ordered this shoe in a 7 mens. Once I got the shoe, I absolutely adored them but they were WAY too big and wide. I took them to the adidas store because they didn't have my size online but they also did not have my size in store. So, I tried on the same shoes with the black stripes (love them too, but would of rather had the whites) and I was a 5 1/2 in kids!!! Crazy! Glad it worked the way it did though. Got to return my shoes and get $10 back! Just expect them to run larger and for women with narrow feet, be cautious that they are very wide. October 10, 2015
It took me a month to actually become owner to a pair of these shoes... It was literally sold out everywhere, and even while I was looking, I had my doubts. I'm speaking sensibly here - no gushing about how 'perfect' these are, but really. When they came, they looked exactly like the photos, and it seems to be great quality as well. I'm a U.S. Women's 7 generally, and size 6 in these fit fine - a bit roomy, but that's how I like it and it can be easily fixed with thick socks etc. Overall, I'm very pleased with the project. Plus the shipping was very quick. July 18, 2015
This footwear looks awesome, and I like it so much. Many people buy the white black one, and I decided to try another color except from white black. This decision was good made!!! However, the only problem of this pair of shoes is there is some details were missed by the adidas company. I think the quality must be 100%. Otherwise there is no necessity for us to buy a 100% real shoes. I wish before selling, they can see some details accurately!!! I will still recommend people to buy this shoes, because it really looks amazing and fit. Good shipment!~ May 5, 2015
I just purchased my first shell toe addidas (Addidas Superstar White w/Blk stripeds) never imagined how comfortable they should offer this particular shoe year around with the capabilites of allowing to customize the stripes ....your custom process is limited...I would own a multitued of colors if i was able to select any color for my stripes so i that i can coordinate with outfits...not everyone likes the all colorful sometimes simple (bright)white with color stripes can make staple statement when wearing them June 9, 2015
Had to order the current superstar that's available as 2G was no longer available, and was so disappointed with them. After being so used to them for a number of summers, it seems as though they've compromised on quality, maybe as superstars have gone mental this year and are everywhere.. But the sizing, the snugness of the fit, the shape, the way your sole sits up in the shoe (or doesnt moreover!), the overall look, all wrong! Even the way trousers or sweats sit with them is different when looking in the mirror. It's as if adidas have stopped making a top quality classic, whacked shell toes on gazelles and re-released them as the new superstars. Annoying.. My 1 star rating is based on these ones compared to 2G, not to say they're not a decent shoe on their own. BRING BACK 2G. May 31, 2015
I normally wear a Men's 9 1/2 - 10 in sneakers and these SUPERSTARs were too long! I went down a half size to 9 1/2 because I have some SUPERSTAR 2G that are a 10 (mens) and they fit fine, but these were way too long. My heel was coming out of the back of the 9 1/2s!I had to send them back.I didn't re-order a smaller size either because the toe cap doesn't have the shape like the SUPERSTAR 2G had where it followed the contours of the ball of your foot. These look like any other sneaker with the oval-shaped top. April 29, 2015
HiI have had 4 pairs of these shell toe classics , unfortunately bought a pair this year from a store and was so confident that there would be no problem that I threw away the old pair that I was wearing at the shop and put the new ones on. Big mistake , within two days of wearing them the glue where the shell toe sits and the shoe lining came away . Not sure if this is new production process gone wrong or a new design issue. Either way very disappointed , even to the point that I had thrown my older pair away due to natural wear.I spoke with the shop , got a refund and they also said that they had a fair few returned for the same reason.Overall disappointed , I love this design and would still buy another pair if I thought this problem was resolved. Adidas - get it sorted !! September 16, 2015

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