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Fabrikken Direkte Adidas Spezial-sko Blå Originals / Mænd Sko mmhk967e9mmf

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog onsdag 17 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

I 1979 lancerede adidas første gang denne Spezial-sko som den officielle sko til elitehåndbold. Den blev hurtigt det foretrukne valg for nogle af verdens bedste spillere. Skoen har beholdt sin autentiske stil og fås nu i nye, friske farver.
Yes, these are tight fitting BUT i think a few people are missing the point.These are low cut trainers. So if you have a higher than average instep or big arches (as i do) these will feel tight. Especially if you're used to big floppy Samba's.It isn't a flaw with the trainer though. It's part of the design.Yes i would recommend and yes i'm planning to get another colour of Spezial.While i have your attention...What is the point of reducing the price on the Hamburgs when they all sold out at full price? If you sold out why put them up in the sale? It makes no sense. December 28, 2014
It's a half decent shoe. only really bought it as I was in need of some shoes pretty quickly. Adidas is by far the best type of trainer on the market but the online store is rather disappointing when it comes to the selection of the adidas original trainers. The best originals tend to be found of different websites, which is rather disapointing as I would prefer to deal with adidas as it is their product I'm purchasing and I have always found Adidas to have the best online customer service. February 4, 2015
A very nice trainer footwear that I can recommend. While the narrow appearance is welcome, be mindful, if your feet are of standard width or a little wider - they fit tightly. However, that goes away somewhat after wearing them a while.While I expect new shoes have to be worn in (leather namely) I did not expect that from a trainer. I had massive blisters on both heels walking less than 1km on my second day! Blister blasters came to rescue. September 13, 2015
No words can describe my love for these shoes. All I can say is: TRY THEM! You will never look back as your life is now perfect.The only problem I have is that for reasons unknown to me Adidas in their wisdom have decided to discontinue my favourite SAMBA version of the shoe, mainly the classic light blue, white stripes and natural rubber sole (aka G96478).Please remake this epic shoe!! January 20, 2015
Purchased these trainers after waiting months for the colour i liked to come into stock. Good things come to those who wait. I got them in a 10.5 (uk), i wear trainers anywhere from sizes 10 - 11. I must say this fit is slightly tight on me, could have gone for the 11 (I do have very wide feet - thus my own fault), however, the shoe is still extremely comfortable. September 25, 2015
Quality pair of trainers. I already owned a pair, liked them so much I bought another pair and I am contemplating buying a third.They are a very comfortable fit, a little tight but it makes the trainer sturdy and you can be very sure footed in them. I would recommendThem to anyone interested, I also bought my dad a pair for Father's Day. He loves them. June 26, 2014
You'll appreciate the suppleness of the suede upper once on your feet. Even though the Spezial's suede upper may seem slightly lighter/thinner than previous versions i've owned, it should mean they won't take ages to break-in.There is one small caveat. From past experience i've learnt the Spezials are a little narrow fitting. If your feet are wider go for the next half or full size up.Those with higher arches may be best advised to look at Adidas' other offerings first.Being suede, this does mean they're inevitably higher maintenance than leather versions. But as long you're prepared to regularly maintain them, the colour & feel of the suede should last long enough for you to get some decent life out of them.1. Regularly brush off dirt & debris with a suede brush.2. Lightly wipe with a damp sponge.3. Finish with a good suede conditioner/protector.Great for casual wear or for LIGHT workouts at home or the gym.Enjoy.Bobby. September 26, 2015
As expected, another quality shoe from Addidas. The colours are amazing! My only problem is the size. I ordered 9.5 half a size bigger than I normally would. I did this with my previous addidas shoes and they fit perfect, a bit tight if anything, but in that size, the Spezials are far too long. I had to exchange ghem for smaller size. December 27, 2013
I first had these shoes in the early 90s as an alternative to my staple Sambar and love the style and fit. I again purchased these about 5 years ago and they have lasted and I have just received a new pair so looking forward to wearing my second favourite Adidas trainer behind gazelles. Lovely shoe and suits jeans nicely August 5, 2015
Make sure you know your feet measurement exactly (check the sizing guide) because I have narrow size 9, but even with my slim feet the shoes are snug. Comfortably so, but snug nonetheless. The shoes look great and I'm very glad I waited until my size was available again. Well worth it. April 19, 2015

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