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Autentiske Adidas X15.3 Firm/Artificial Ground støvler Orange Fodbold / Mænd Sko fjwx016h8ucj

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog sndag 14 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Skab kaos i orden. Denne fodboldstøvle til mænd er designet til at ryste modstanderne med dine uforudsigelige træk. Med et markant look, en tætsiddende mesh-overdel og mellemfodsstruktur for stabilitet. Med det nye X-CLAW knopmønster, som giver uovertruffen acceleration på baner med fast underlag og kunstgræs.
Great football boots good styling and color. good for firm ground not winter boots November 9, 2015
I'd like to start of by saying, beautiful design and I love the all black with yellow dots. I really like that they are so light it helps me as a left mid field to move a lot faster. The downside to this clear number one is that when I'm running my foot is slipping around on the soul plate and the number two thing is that it's really really narrow maybe if it was just a tad bit more wide it would be even more comfortable and would give it the more bare foot feel August 1, 2015
I brought it for my son for his birthday when he saw it he jumped for joy and went in the garden with his friends to play football November 7, 2015
The cleat is overall a good cleat. It is very good in allowing explosive changes of direction. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is an attacking player. If you are more of a defensive player, then I would recommend the ACE15.1. July 20, 2015
This are my first Adidas cleats and I am very happy with the quality and fitting. It has a nice feel and comfortable; however they are not as tight fit as I read. It is little loose on the upper part.Overall I am happy with them. August 14, 2015
My first soccer shoe and it has been great so far. it is very comfortable, light and fits me well. I play on turf and grass, and it has been great on both fields. I would recommend this shoe! July 26, 2015
These boots are comfortable, perfect fit and a great price. The only problem I am having with them at the minute is that the tongue seems to pull to the right after running. May just be my odd foot shape, but I thought I'd mention it. August 4, 2015
I went for a half size bigger and they are a perfect fit, comfortable from the outset, look smart and act well on decent ground. Worth the money. Thanks :-) August 25, 2015
I've not changed my boots in a few years and was very impressed the first time i wore these! nice clean strike of the ball... August 26, 2015
Shoes aren't bad. I feel great when playing in them but I wouldn't recommend them for games just practice in them July 15, 2015

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