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Autentiske Adidas Gloro støvle Sort Fodbold / Mænd Sko qfvu081f5kjh

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog fredag 19 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Hold dine modstandere hen i det uvisse, mens du kontrollerer bolden i denne fodboldstøvle til mænd. Den har en overdel i K-læder med en foldbar pløs samt en ydersål til fast underlag med en gennemsigtig komfortstruktur, der skiller sig ud på banen. Med blød EVA støddæmpning i mellemsålen.
I have been waiting forever for a modern Copa version. The sole plate on the copa would tent to make me roll my ankles. This sole plate is much more stable, lighter and flexible. The K-leather is enough and not needed on the other part of the boot. The fit is great, close to the copa and there is no substitute one gets from how the ball feels with K-leather. They are crazy comfortable and feel like gloves on you feet like the copa's. I wear a street shoe size 9 US, I wear 8 in copa's The perfect fit wearing the Gloro's is an 8.5 for me. My soccer buddies think I am a bit odd for talking so much about them.Adidas please make an AG version for this model as well. May 20, 2015
Since the famous Predators, the Mania, (I call them Beckham's Preds) there hasn't been a pair of football boots like them since. The new predators just don't have the same feel, look or even the elastic tongue anymore! I started to give up hope thinking they wouldn't bring another boot out like them, until now! I saw the Adidas Gloro advertised and I instantly loved the look of them, I bought the classic black, white and red pair and it's the best purchase I have made in a long time! They are very comfortable, fitted nicely, light and they look awesome! August 27, 2015
I rated these cleats a 5 star because of the overall superior comfort, support. The feel and touch on the ball is Glooorious. The K leather is up to par and the synthetic heal is a non-issue. I have a slightly wide foot for a size 9 so I ordered a 9.5 since I wear 2 sets of socks. Cons: The laces are good and strong but a bit short. I can only make a small tie and they came loose a few times. The insole is good but I can feel the studs underneath just a bit. No pressure points though. Seems like these cleats will last a while with some basic care. September 17, 2015
It was time to finally buy a new pair of boots & would of loved a new pair of pred's but with the new style of predator boot it was not to be!It had to be a pair of Gloro's!Only worn them once straight out of the box for 6 aside on 5G pitch. Very comfortable, good fit, the toe area is slightly bigger than my old pred's which is not a bad thing. I can easily wear 2 pairs of socks with these boots which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend the Gloro's to anyone looking for a new pair of boots, especially fans of pred's! September 22, 2015
I have always been a big fan of the old school classic look and for that reason adidas copa mundial were always my first choice football boot. However, I found the material stretched and the boot itself became lose on my foot in wet weather, also, the white tongue would fade easily.However, the new adidas Gloro uses an easy to clean synthetic tongue and the leather retains the same fit regardless of the weather. Overall, these boots cannot be beat on style, comfort and performance. 5 stars from me! September 8, 2015
When Adidas released these a while back, it was the moment I had been waiting for. A modern take on the Copa. I bought them and was immediately satisfied at the quality of the boots, they are of the same quality of boots with hefty $200+ price tag. After using them the past 3 month I have to say the are the most comfortable boots I have ever set my feet into. The kangaroo leather on the toe box is very supple and provides a glove like fit, while the synthetic mid foot and heel provide much better support and stability than an all leather shoe. The outsole is also much better than the Copa, much more sturdy. The tongue also is a great feature that I really like. Overall, sublime job from Adidas, they have created a boot that is all I ever need or want, and that's the end of it. Brilliance. June 1, 2015
Firstly I'd like to say these boots are absolutely phenomenal, personally when I wear boots I need to feel happy and with these boots I did, this was because the boots made me feel phsycologically better such as player like; Zidane, Zola, Veira. This is because I'm a box to box midfielder and also a winger, however when I think oh who to play like I am able to play better. So it's up to the player, if they have a psychological reaction that will improve the player as they will feel better. In addition to this the boot it self is very comfertable and easy to play in which make enhances the performance. Lastly, I came to notice due to the boots leather is made my first touch improve and my overall control of the ball better, due to this I would highly recommend the boots! August 3, 2015
Only worn them once so far, very comfy!I'm size 10 shoe but always but 10.5 in Adidas boots & find that spot on, same with these!Had them personalised - personally think the embroided version is better than print which is provided but it was a free option which many others charge for & it was also very quick service despite having that done!Hopefully they last a good amount of time which only time will tell but never usually have problems with Adidas boots so feeling positive! March 18, 2015
Have owned several adidas boots including 7406, kaiser 5, world cup. They are a similar fit to the 7406 and world cups. Smaller and narrower than the kaisers which were to large and wide although being the same size as these.The boots cost less than copas and world cups are still kangaroo leather in the part of the boot that matters also lighter due to the the synthetic on the heel and sides.Not played in them much so cant comment on durability. June 17, 2015
After wanting to purchase these boots for a while I decided it was a perfect time to do so when I could get 25% off. I paid £63 for these boots including delivery. I would happily pay £80 or even £100. The boot is very true to size, extremely comfortable around the toe box area due to the soft leather used. Fantastic boot for an level of football. A modern take on a classic design. Oh and the tongue is a showstopper. April 26, 2015

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