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Autentisk Adidas Messi15.3 Firm/Artificial Ground støvler Matt Ice Met. Fodbold / Mænd Sko dghg164h9lfh

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Dette produkt blev tilføjet til vores katalog torsdag 18 august, 2016.

  • Forfatter: Magnus

Messi laver ikke mange træk, der ikke fører til mål. Denne fodboldstøvle til mænd er designet til spilleren, som altid spiller for at vinde. Den har en MessiTOUCH X-ray overflade for præcision ved alle berøringer samt et MessiGAMBETRAX knopdesign, så du kan hive sejren hjem på fast underlag og kunstgræs.
The cleats give a very good feel of the ball along with speed. I always didn't believe when the ads say stuff similar too "explosive speed" because I thought, how could the cleats possibly increase speed. I was proved wrong this time. The studs really make you get faster. The moment your feet hits the field it will feel like you can really feel how hard it had connected with it which gives you more power on your next stride. You will be pushing the ground harder to go further. The only downside is the width, but I can't blame the design too much, I have really wide feet.Overall, this is one great cleat! July 15, 2015
"Before I ordered these cleats I wasn't very convinced with the look, but my daughter was without a doubt determined to have them. Now that I have them in hand I have to say these cleats are impressive. The color is much different in person and design wise there excellent. They weigh about the weight of a pencil. My daughters says there very comfortable. Overall, I am very pleased and most importantly my daughter is very happy". July 15, 2015
I didn't realize how much I was missing playing with regular cleats during my weekly games on artificial grass until I purchased these perfect cleats. I have better control of the ball and balance. I feel that Messi15.3 cleats have invisible staples that grab the ground when you need to stop and release it when you are ready to run or score a goal.I love it. Best purchase ever! August 13, 2015
These are fantastic cleats. I feel so much more speed and power in them compared to other brand cleats. Durability is good as I've had them for several months with no major wear. The only thing I have to say is that if you have wide feet to make sure you buy a half size larger. I've found this the same with other Adidas products as well. Overal a great cleat. August 14, 2015
The service/delivery was excellent however my son has recently had a growing spurt and has a properly measured size 71/2 foot. We have bought 4 pairs of trainers/ shoes at this size and all fit perfectly. These boots are definitely one size undersized and were no bigger than his previous boots. we have ordered another pair at 81/2 so we shall see October 2, 2015
I ordered this cleat for a friend and he loves it. The look of the boot was fantastic and he has gotten many compliments from his teammates on them. The quality of the cleat seems to be improved upon on previous Messi's in this price range. Very happy with this purchace July 20, 2015
When i got them the toe box was mis-shapen, I don't know if this happen on all of them, but I didnt like it because right where the big toe is it was poking up. I didnt like how the front part of the boot was curved upwards so much and on mine the laces were too long. August 10, 2015
I have had these cleats for a month and they have been very durable. The only problem is grass stains can get on the studs easily and it's very hard to get those stains out. Overall I'd say these cleats are good game and practice cleats if the pitch is dry. August 12, 2015
The availability of black would be preferable. This matches none of our uniforms but black goes with all. Don't like the arrogance of flashy shoe fashion. Structurally it is good and although narrow, wider than other brands for its size. August 6, 2015
These cleats are amazing. If you have somewhat of a wider foot at all, you might want to go 1/2 a size larger so it fits your foot. I had this problem and had to send them back and get a bigger size. Except for that, they're great! July 15, 2015

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